At “ANY” Laminating Service, Inc. we have over three decades of experience helping our customers achieve the right finish for protecting their printed project whether it is produced on offset press, high speed copier, wide format digital or laser printer. These newer technologies have multiplied the uses of printed products and created a demand for films with unique applications. We are always striving to keep up with the changes because we want our customers to have their ideal result.


Laminating Films Available


Clear / Gloss (OPP, Polyester)

Opp is a soft film well suited for book covers, labels and dry erase products. Polyester is a durable high gloss film with good adhesion, suitable for most everyday lamination needs.

» 1.3mil OPP (1 and 2 sided)
» 1.7mil PET (1 and 2 sided)
» 3mil PET (2-sided only)
» 5mil PET (2-sided only)
» 10mil PET (2-sided only)


AGS (Glue-able / Stamp-able)

A high gloss film that is used when bindery work like gluing, foil stamping and embossing will be done after lamination.

» 1.2mil (Gloss only, 1-sided only)


Matte (Polyester, Opp)

Dull film that can mute colors for effect and has no reflective shine. Opp matte films are a true matte with no luster. Often used for aesthetic effect or readability.

» 1.2mil OPP (1 or 2-sided)
» 3mil OPP (2-sided only)

» 10mil Protectall (2-sided only)


Satin (Polyester)

Satin Films offer a lustrous look. The film is a matte film with a sheen.

» 1.7mil PET (1 and 2 sided)
» 3mil PET  (2-side only)

» 5mil PET (2-side only)
» 10mil PET (2-side only)


Soft Touch / Scuff Free (Polyester, Nylon, Opp)

Suede or velvet-like tactile film that can make your printed materials memorable pieces that subtlety stand out.

» 1.2mil  (1 or 2-sided Scuff Free or Soft Touch)
» 1.4mil  (1 or 2-sided Soft Touch)


Lay-flat Nylon (Gloss, Matte)

Nylon films are designed to stay flat and fight against page curl. Ideal for book covers or any other 1 sided product that needs to stay flat.

» 1.3mil Gloss or Matte (1-side ONLY)

Low Melt (Wide Format 25″ – 60″ Polyester, Opp)

Low melt films are suited for large format digital color prints that use heat sensitive inks and dyes. Low melt films come in satin or gloss and have UV inhibitors built into the film to help preserve the life of your large format prints.

» 3 mil / 5 mil Gloss or Satin (2-sided)


Deep Silk

A specialty textured film that gives your printed product a unique look. Darker colors look great with this film.

» 4.5mil textured matte (2 side only)

Most projects are completed within 24 Hours.

Turn time depending on the size of the run and film available.